Spring into Family History season

1st September 2018

Today is the first day of the Spring season in Australia, and such glorious weather, if only it would rain! We are experiencing severe drought conditions Downunder at present, which could spark a memory or conversation with family about how our ancestors managed droughts in previous years. Water conservation is not a new thing... How many of us shared the bath water with our siblings when we were young? Talking about family history keeps it alive.

The life and times related in stories like obituaries are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of our ancestors. At Obituary Research Service we search for information and cross-match it with births, deaths, marriages and other records to piece together the stories of our ancestors. Each week more obituary files are uploaded to our database. Please search a surname and see the type of information we can provide. If your family name is not included in the database, send in an enquiry via the Contact page on this website.

Research fees start at only AU$35, a small cost to assist with website running fees, a small donation is also appreciated to help build the community database. Contact us at admin@obituaryresearchservice.com.au

Family makes us smile : ).