Long Lost Relatives

1st April 2017

Once relatives left the docks at Southampton, or Hamburg, for instance, news of their fate rarely reached home, the following is an excerpt showing so many pleas for information:

From Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, January 31, 1897. ALLEN (William) went to Australia in the s.s. Perthshire as fireman in August, 1895; left the ship at Gippsland, and has not been heard of since. Mother asks. BAKON (Robert), late of Langham, Norfolk, was last heard of from Invercargill, New Zealand, August, 1891. Mother is very anxious. BALDWIN (George and Elizabeth) went to New Zealand in November, 1894; last heard of at Palmerston North. Sister Alice asks. Father is dead. BENNETT (Charles) left Birmingham for Melbourne in 1870. Sister (B. Loxley) asks. BRIDGETT (Francis and George) Francis was last heard of at Gilmarra, Clarence River, New South Wales, in August, 1869. George’s son, accountant, last heard of in Newcastle, N.S.W., in 1869. Daughter asks. BRYANT (M.A.) seeks her brother (name omitted) who went to Australia 10 or 12 years ago. BRYANT (Ernest) left London in 1890, for Melbourne. Brother Harry would like to hear from him. CAMPBELL (Frank), in New Zealand about three years ago, is sought by his father, of Swansea. CAMPBELL (John), of New-cut, Lambeth, about thirty years ago, is supposed to be in Australia. Niece (Lizzie Bradley) asks. COLLINS (William) left the Grotto Passage School, Marylebone, about 1849 for the Bendigo Diggings, Australia, and has not been heard of since. Niece (Mrs. Walsh) enquires. COX (Montague), who was brought up by his grandmother near Thrapston, Northampton, is supposed to have sailed for Australia twenty years ago. Sister Louisa seeks tidings. CROSS (Edward) left Battersea Park-road for Auckland about thirteen years ago, and has not been heard of since. Joseph Walker enquires. DOWNEY (George), of Burton-in-Holme, Westmoreland, went to Ploughman’s Creek, Orange, Sydney, in 1859. Half-sister Jane enquires. DRAKE (Thomas) went to Australia in 1884. Widowed mother, brother, and sister ask. EASOM (A.) who went to Australia in October, 1894, is earnestly requested to write to his parents. FARLEY (Lawrence) was in North Shields five years ago; supposed to be in Hull or on a fishing boat. Brother William asks. FUNNELL (William) left Gravesend for Brisbane about thirty-two years ago; last heard of at Rockhampton about twenty years ago. Brother Fred asks. GIRARD (Frank) went to Sydney in 1889; spoke of returning last year, but mother, who enquires, can gain no tidings. GOULDING (John and Mary) went to Brisbane in 1871; heard of in 1880. Sister enquires. GREEN (William) went to Vancouver; last heard of at Yokohama, Japan, in June, 1895. Brother George asks. GRIFFITHS (Thomas R.) was last heard of in 1865; then at Oladdie, South Australia. Sister (Annie Roberts) asks. HEARD (William), cabinetmaker, of Hoxton, went to New Zealand twenty years ago; not been heard of since. Brother asks. HONEYMAN (Walter Richard) was heard on in August, 1890, from Yass-road, Australia. Mother asks. NEAL (Thomas) was last heard of in Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, in July, 1888. Mother asks. SKERRITT (Robert William) was last heard of from South Adelaide about two years ago. Mrs. MacMillan asks. WALTERS, FLANIGAN. Mother and brother seeks tidings of Harry Waters, or Charles Alvin Flanigan, who was last heard of in Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales, thirteen years since. WILLIAMS (Mrs. J. P. “Mary Ann Robinson”) went to Australia in 1853; and her brother John ROBINSON, went in 1867. Their brother James is anxious for news of both. WYATT (William Edward), of Portsmouth, lived in Millen-street, off Boundary, Spring Hill, Brisbane, in 1883. Parents enquire.

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