Genealogy : a world of Family History

1st January 2021
It is always a good time to begin your family history research.
With every very new year, many more resources are made available.
We can search for information about your Queensland ancestor - contact us today!

In Queensland, birth records can be accessed for years up to 1921, marriage records up to 1946, and death records up to 1991, for family history research purposes.
January 2021 has seen 51,661 new records released, that are available to index search for free at the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Queensland family history research service.
1921 Births: 20,437 records; 1946 Marriages: 11,741 records; 1991 Deaths: 19,483 records

There are also many more newspapers being digitised, and these can provide a wealth of information, including birth notices, marriage notices, death notices, funeral notices and obituaries giving a real insight to the life of an ancestor.

Other great resources include immigration records and shipping lists made available online for all to share.

Many cemeteries now provide listings online too.

Make 2021 the time to broaden your family history knowledge... and we can help!
Email us at for specific ancestor research requests, for relatives who lived and died in Queensland, Australia.

Family is a great place to start : )