Female Ancestors

1st March 2019

International Women’s Day is celebrated during the month of March and with this in mind our website looks to focus on our female ancestors. The women who toiled with the task of raising children and nurtured the generations of today are forefront in our hearts.

Searching for female ancestors is made more difficult because tradition expected women to change their surname after marriage. In providing our surname free search the female ancestor is listed in the database under both surnames whenever possible. This one small innovation can be the difference in finding the story of that ancestor!

Sometimes women remarried and this added another level of complication, in these cases, our database lists the female ancestor under all relevant surnames. It is always worth checking any surname pertaining to the family, it could just provide the clue you need.

Please note our online database is just a sample to show what we may be able to locate for your ancestor, for specific searches on your ancestors please email us admin@obituaryresearchservice.com.au

Family is where we are from : )